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2010 is just ahead of us, everyone must more or less have some New Year’s Revolution in mind. However, J believes that many people would make a long revolution list at the beginning of the year while keep the wishes unrealized until year end.

How to change the situation? Here J would like to share some tips with you.
  1. Brainstorm: list your wishes as many as you can, in spite of possibilities or categories.
  2. Filter: choose a few wishes from the brainstorm list according to realistic conditions.
    ● Limit the number of wishes: better no more than 10. if most of your wishes are about changing habits, Leo from Zen Habits suggested limit the number to 6, so that you can develop 1 habit every 2 months.
    ● Expend the types of wishes: don’t do similar things all the time which may make you feel boring. And you may easily ignore other aspects of life if you only focus on one area.
    ● Mix easy and hard wishes: you may feel frustrated when you meet too many obstacles.
    ● All in all, when you filter your wish list, please consider both internal and external facts: importance of the wishes, your willingness to achieve them, your own capabilities, financial conditions, network needed, etc.
  3. Plan: Making a plan is not as easy as it sounds like. You should list all possible difficulties you may face, and plan it well to overcome them.
  4. Announce: Tell more people or important people around you, and ask for their help to check your progress. You can also share your plan with you interest groups online or offline.
  5. Implement: just do it. 
  6. Prizes: Give yourself some small gifts when you have made some achievements.
  7. Review: Regularly review your plan. If there are any difficulties, or any unexpected obstacles? if the plan needs to be adjusted according to the real situation? In addition, you will fell motivated when you see your progress during review session, and be more confident to achieve your goal.
This is the last day of 2009 today. Please move and make a good plan for next year! 

Happy New Near! And wish you a productive 2010!
11/1/2010 05:04:33 pm

I very appreciate for your help to share with me. Thanks a lot.I have save your blog,and I will offen pay attention to your blog,hope you can share more useful things with us.


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